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Carlisle Furniture LTD

Choose any size, any style, any colour. We will make your dreams come true. Carlisle Furniture Modern up to date hand made and fitted modern gloss or traditional wood kitchens and bedrooms made to your own design and specifications. Your dreams could be a reality. Guaranteed top quality craftsmanship to the highest standard which will be put into your design or specifications. Pop in and see our top of range kitchens and bedroom designs.

Free estimates. Below is the list of products that a Carlisle Furniture LTD can make. For ease I have separated them into different types of residences and businesses so you can see clearly what each establishment can include.


All our kitchens are guaranteed to be built and fitted to the highest standards. Quality and bespoke and designs are our aim to transform your kitchen into your favourite place to entertain family and friends.


Did you know we spend about one third of our lives in the bedroom? Whether you dream about luxurious or restfull bedroom - we can help you. You can choose from our range or you can design - we will make all your dream come true.

Cutting & Edging

Carlisle Furniture LTD now offers a cut & edging service for melamine faced, laminated or veneer panels. This completely bespoke, done-for-you service allows you to bring the highest quality products to your clients, while taking advantage of our edging expertise, materials and skills.


As experienced office furniture, we appreciate that planning a new working space, or revamping an existing office without disrupting the productivity of your employees, can be difficult. We make it our job to take the hassle and stress out of this process. So, if you want to improve your working environment, get in touch with us.


Everyone need a comfortable Bathroom, where can relax after long day. Whether you prefer traditional, classic or modern - we can create a style that is right for you - in any sizes, any colours.


Don't want to spend a fortune on new Kitchen or Bedroom? Refurbish Your OLD! Replacement of front door/drawer, end panels, worktops and many more. High quality materials. Largest choice of colours and design can change look of your kitchen for affordable price.


Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring. Our floors can stands up to everyday challenges - whether it's your kids getting creative or your favourite pet messing around.

They are: LIFE TIME residential Warranty, Extra tight click system, Perfect for every room, 100% Waterproof, Suitable for underfloor heating, Pets and kids friendly, Wet-moppable and steam-moppable for an easy maintenance.


We offer over 6000 flat-pack furniture and sofas please go to our online shop for more details.

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